w h e r e  s t u b b o r n  m e e t s  b e a u t y


We have implemented a “to-go” website where you can order our beer online for pickup, please click the button at the top of the page to access our store.

Your order will be ready within an hour OR you can schedule your pickup time!

Pickup Hours:

THU       2pm – 6pm

FRI         2pm – 6pm

SAT        12pm – 6pm

SUN       1pm – 5pm

we have half-growlers (32oz) available if you need glass, otherwise feel free to bring down any clean growlers for a fill - please remember to bring a cap!  

please note that we cannot fill "long-neck" 750ml swing top growlers - sorry.  

a limited supply of cans of happy treez and nummy nummy will be sold at the brewery beginning on thursday each week. we will do our best to update you on their availability via social media throughout the weekend.

whether you are coming from north main st or johnson st, head across the train tracks and stay to the right when pulling into the remington rand parking lot.  we are about 3/4 of the way down!